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4smarts Qi2 Charger Kickstand silver / white

Etusivu 4smarts Qi2 Charger Kickstand silver / white
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4smarts Qi2 Charger Kickstand silver / white (4S540987)

4smarts Qi2 Charger Kickstand silver / white


Powerful QI2 charging up to 15W The world is on its way to wireless charging - with the 4smarts Qi2 Charger Kickstand you can take charging to the next. Qi2 will harmonise wireless charging under one global standard and enable greater device compatibility. These high standards ensure that wireless chargers are safe and efficient. With the 4smarts Qi2 Charger Kickstand you can conveniently charge your MagSafe-enabled devices at home or when you are travelling. Our new charger offers a charging power of 15W. Strong magnets hold the mobile phone firmly and align it correctly for ideal energy transfer. Even smartphones with protective covers are no problem for our charger. Impressive design with kickstand function Enjoy the practical design of our new Qi2.0 inductive charger. This charging dock is compatible with MagSafe and can be used as a fold-out practical stand on the table. The stand function allows horizontal or vertical use. It can be adjusted to a proper angle by moving the holder up and down. This super-practical charging dock offers you a lot of flexibility to meet your different needs. In addition to charging, you can also make video calls and watch films with your friends at any time. Fits into any home or office interior as it is made from high-quality materials. Lightweight With its compact and lightweight shape, you can take your QI2 Charger with Kickstand with you wherever you go. Fits perfectly in any bag or hand luggage. This way, you always have the MagSafe charger with you and don't have to take an additional mobile phone holder with you.

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