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4smarts Power Bank Pocket Slim 10000mAh 45W black

Etusivu 4smarts Power Bank Pocket Slim 10000mAh 45W black
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4smarts Power Bank Pocket Slim 10000mAh 45W black (4S540653)

4smarts Power Bank Pocket Slim 10000mAh 45W black


Powerbank 10000mAh: Your mobile power bank for all your devices Discover the 10,000mAh power bank with fast charging. It's your trusty companion that powers not only smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, but also laptops. Even if it can't fully charge your laptop, it provides enough power to keep you going when it counts. With 2x USB-C ports that deliver 45W each or power 2 devices simultaneously at 20W each, you'll be charged and connected wherever you go. Rely on our compact and powerful power supply - your universal power source on the go. Your lightweight power companion on the go Experience easy and lightweight travel with our Powerbank slim".With its compact design, it's only half the size of most smartphones. so it fits effortlessly in any pocket and even in your pants pocket. The handy power source reliably powers all your devices on the go. At less than 100Wh, it can even fly with you on all your adventures. Discover the freedom of being charged anytime, anywhere. Stay on top of things with the built-in display Enjoy the convenience of our external phone battery. It has an integrated display that shows you the exact battery level in percent. With this innovative power storage, you'll always know how much power you have left. Makes planning and traveling easier. Our external phone battery puts you in control. Maximum power supply with pass-through function Maximize your efficiency with our 45W power bank. The innovative pass-through feature allows you to charge your devices while the power bank charges itself. With an optional 27-watt power adapter, this powerful bundle of energy is fully charged in just 150 minutes. And to complete the convenience, we include a matching USB-C cable that supports up to 60W. Certified safety Constructed of durable materials, this rugged mobile battery keeps your devices charged safely and efficiently. With built-in overheat protection, it provides a worry-free, hassle-free charging experience.

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