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4smarts Power Bank Lucid Dual Cord 10 000 mAh 22.5W, grey

Etusivu 4smarts Power Bank Lucid Dual Cord 10 000 mAh 22.5W, grey
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4smarts Power Bank Lucid Dual Cord 10 000 mAh 22.5W, grey (540209)

4smarts Power Bank Lucid Dual Cord 10 000 mAh 22.5W, grey

  • Type Powerbank

* Mobile: If there is no power socket available, this power bank supplies your mobile devices with new energy - no matter where you are. It impresses with its good price-performance ratio and compact design. Recharge your smartphone, headphones and other mobile accessories cleverly and quickly. * Simultaneously: The Lucid Dual Cord even allows you to charge two devices at the same time. For example, you can charge your smartphone and a second device or your TWS headset at the same time. * Full power: With 10000 mAh, you can charge your smartphone up to 2x completely before the powerbank itself needs to be charged. Charge your devices with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 or USB Power Delivery in no time! * 2 integrated charging cables: No need for an extra cable when you're on the move. Charge your iPhone, Airpods, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei devices quickly and smartly. * Bi-directional: The powerbank has a USB-C port, which is suitable for charging the powerbank itself as well as for charging smartphones via USB-C cable. * Lucid: This special transparent design gives your powerbank that certain something. * Smart: Intelligent charging switch-off reduces power consumption and saves the battery. * Display: The device is equipped with an LED digital display that shows you the exact percentage of the battery, so you know immediately when the powerbank needs to be recharged. * Safe: We only use certified cells and short-circuit-proof charging electronics with overcharge and deep discharge protection. Each individual powerbank is also tested several times before shipping.

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