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4smarts Charger GaN Flex Pro 100W 3 USB-C+1 USB-A white

Etusivu 4smarts Charger GaN Flex Pro 100W 3 USB-C+1 USB-A white
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4smarts Charger GaN Flex Pro 100W 3 USB-C+1 USB-A white (4S544100)

4smarts Charger GaN Flex Pro 100W 3 USB-C+1 USB-A white


SMALL AND COMPACTPowerful chargers are often quite large. Our GaN Charger Flex Pro, on the other hand, is much smaller and more compact than the other common ones. This is enabled due to the latest GaN Charger technology. This technology ensures that we can build the electronics closer together without generating more heat. As a result, the charging power remains extremely strong despite its small size. This makes the GaN Charger a perfect travel companion. CHARGE YOUR DEVICE AT MAXIMUM SPEEDOur GaN Charger charger has all the most popular fast charging protocols built in. And therefore any popular device on the market can be charged at maximum speed with our GaN Charger. This is a time saving experiance for sure! Besides smartphones, tablets, laptops, MacBooks, drones, you can also charge your camera or gimbal at high speed. CHARGES MULTIPLE DEVICES AT THE SAME TIMEOnly one outlet is available at a certain moment, but you need to charge more devices? That's not a problem at all! Our GaN Charger Flex Pro can charge multiple devices simultaneously at maximum speed. So you can charge your laptop, tablet and smartphone at the same time from just one outlet. ENERGY-SAVINGWith conventional chargers, a lot of energy is lost as heat. When you touch them, you can also feel that the chargers are getting warm after working for a while. Our GaN Charger Flex Pro on the other hand is energy saving. At the same time you will be helping the environment as well as keeping you wallet happier. Thanks to the integrated GaN technology, heat losses are significantly reduced and that certainly pays off in the long run. LONG LIFEWhat's more annoying than a broken charger just when you need it? Not to mention the costs of buying and th struggle of looking for a new one. In addition to advanced GaN technology, which significantly increases the charger's lifespan, we also pay attention to good build quality.

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